Sooner or later, every article about Brockley cafes descends into a war between two tribes: the creatives, who want to be able to play with their laptops in peace, and the 'yummy mummies' who don't want to be tutted about when they take their kids for something to eat. Now, a couple of Brockley-based Swedish entrepreneurs have launched a company to called Kattoo, which sounds like a Shoreditch start-up but is aimed at anxious parents.

The Standard reported earlier this week:

Entrepreneurs Lena Kyriacou and Susanna Eriksson, who are both Swedish and live in Brockley, have invented a temporary tattoo kit that enables parents to write their phone number on children in case they get lost.

It's a really smart idea and it's lovely to see another flourishing Brockley enterprise. Visit the Kattoo website for more details.