Flying Ants - Day of reckoning

James Lesko: We knew then, that we were being changed... and made part of their world. We didn't know for what purpose... but we knew, we would be told.
- Phase IV

BC's flying ant eruption occurred last weekend, so we fear this might be a little late (or we have unusually precocious ants):

The Society of Biology is calling for records of flying ants to be submitted online at Last year they received over 6,000 reports of flying ants and hope to beat this in 2013.

The 2012 flying ant survey unexpectedly revealed two flying ant days, but will this be the same in 2013? Professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire is part of the 2nd year of the flying ant survey.

He says: “Each summer flying ants erupt from the ground seemingly without warning, as new queens leave the nest to mate and found their own colonies. “They often emerge simultaneously over large parts of the country, and many people know this as ‘flying ant day’, but we wanted to find out whether there really is one single day.

Interestingly, in 2012 there were two main flying ant days, two weeks apart. But is this the same in other years?

Pictures and experiences can also be shared on Twitter using the hashtag #flyingantsurvey, and photos tagged ‘flyingantsurvey’ on Flickr will be uploaded to our Flickr group.

With thanks to Fabhat.