Festival in the Forest

Last weekend we went along to Devonshire Road Nature Reserve's first 'Festival in the Forest', in search of some greenery, live music, and a few posh beers (see below). As an unexpected bonus, the sun was shining on us.

The site is accessed via a narrow strip from the road, where a small hut and decked area sits. This acted as the 'main stage'. Venture down the hill into the reserve, and you'll find a meadow, where another gazebo provided the acoustic stage - very fitting for the tranquil location. There was still enough space that you could lose yourself in the reserve if you needed to get away from the crowds.

A BBQ fed the masses, and the event was sponsored by Rolls Beer of Portugal, which, as one BC commenter pointed out, was odd given the growing local ales scene. However, it turns out that one of the organisers was the sole UK importer of the beer, so things began to make sense. For the record, it's a fine brew - dark, porter-style, but still refreshingly sweet.

Felix, of School of Rock fame, compared and oversaw the bands, making it all look far too easy. We didn't see every band, but the music was a mixture of unplugged indie, blues and knees-up folk. The latter was admirably showcased by festival closers Hungry Grass, who made sure everyone was dancing, and probably had the longest encore in local festival history.

The atmosphere was something like a Brockley Max closing night. A good cross-section of the wider community coming together, with many familiar faces from the local music scene, all in the mood for a good party. Hats off to Jake who made it happen, and all who were involved. We hope to see you again next year.