Good food. Fine ales. Total Annihilation.

Wanted: man with beard to give home to 100 bottles of beer faced with possible destruction. Julie writes:

My dad loves a 'job lot' auction, and for this reason a few years ago he bought me 100-odd vintage bottles of vintage (undrinkable) beer for Christmas. (I got off lightly, my sister got 2000 disposable plastic aprons).

They commemorate things like Charles & Di's wedding and the Silver Jubilee. Mostly from the 70s and 80s, they're almost all limited/special editions, and though not really worth money, they are pretty ace. (Not all are in good condition, some are a little moldy from being in my shed).

So I'd love them to go to a good home. Perhaps one of the local pubs that's being done up might want them for display? I'll happily give them away free to a good home (not someone who'll just ebay them).

If you will love these poor creatures unconditionally, email Julie here.


Heather said...


The Meantime brewery in Greenwich have a collection of vintage (undrinkable) beers and I am sure they would be thrilled to have this! They are all on display for anyone who goes on the tours.

Monkeyboy said...

What is it with dads? Sort of "bargain" my dad would come home with.

Tamsin said...

Or if the Meantime Brewery turn you down I am going to make myself really popular with the people in charge by suggesting that the Lewisham Local History collection might take it on... But, dammit, if I can spend the only break I had last year clearing a house of car-loads of books and china for them they can find space for a mere hundred bottles. Sounds lovely.

Robert said...

I've been on that tour. It's great fun. More drinking than touring though, which is how it should be.

Robert said...

Also. How sure are we that it is actually undrinkable?
I would probably chance my arm if it came my way.

AliAfro said...

What about the new specialist beer place going in where Mr Lawrence was/is?

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