Good food. Fine ales. Total Annihilation.

Wanted: man with beard to give home to 100 bottles of beer faced with possible destruction. Julie writes:

My dad loves a 'job lot' auction, and for this reason a few years ago he bought me 100-odd vintage bottles of vintage (undrinkable) beer for Christmas. (I got off lightly, my sister got 2000 disposable plastic aprons).

They commemorate things like Charles & Di's wedding and the Silver Jubilee. Mostly from the 70s and 80s, they're almost all limited/special editions, and though not really worth money, they are pretty ace. (Not all are in good condition, some are a little moldy from being in my shed).

So I'd love them to go to a good home. Perhaps one of the local pubs that's being done up might want them for display? I'll happily give them away free to a good home (not someone who'll just ebay them).

If you will love these poor creatures unconditionally, email Julie here.