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Friend of BC Alys writes:

Unfortunately, I have left Brockley for the bright lights of Croydon. I am, however, fortunate enough to be employed as 'Peabody Housing Association's Men's Shed Project Co-ordinator', and am in the process of creating a Men's Shed in Deptford.

Men's Sheds are a concept originating in Australia, and becoming big here in the UK

We are inviting men over 50 to come and use the space  and tools to make things together, or individually. To socialise over a cup of tea, or to knuckle down and start making things.

There are no set times of operation at the moment, but we will open it on the days/ times that suit those that would like to use it.

We are also looking for tool donations, and volunteers who would like to help out at the project, full training will be offered, and expenses covered.

I can be contacted on I will also have a stall at Lewisham People's Day on July 13th, if people would prefer to talk to me in person.


Woodman said...

What a great idea - As a woodworker with no workshop, I'm just gutted I'm not over 50!

Natalia said...

Is it men only?

Adam said...

It sounds like a very good idea. They should go for more commercial products... I am sure they could make hand made quality furniture that could sell very well. I know it is a not for profit, but money could be reinvested in other centers while providing quality furniture at more affordable prices. For example tables for reclaimed wood sells, wardrobes, cabinets made from reclaimed wood etc are easy to make and sell for a fortune. One example...

Bradycath said...

My dear brother in law lived in Canberra and he suffered with Alzeimer's Disease. He attended the Men's Shed there and they were brilliant. They came and collected him and brought him home each time, he made friends, had coffee, went on art tours, museum trips etc It gave my sister essential 'time out' from being his carer. I'm so pleased to see this service being developed in the UK too. Good luck

Sue said...


Alys said...


It's great to see such a positive reaction to the Men's shed project.

The Deptford shed will be at Leander court (just off Ship street).
We are keen to offer support to everyone in the community. If you feel like you would benefit from the shed, please send me an email. Even if you are under 50, or a lady.

Woodman said...

I just saw this on the beeb about these shed projects. Interesting stuff:

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