St John's reborn

The gentle folk of St John's have a new champion. Roger Lewis from the reborn St John's Society writes:

At an AGM held last Wednesday, a new committee of eleven was elected to lead a revived St. John's Society for the next year. Several members of the original Society - established back in 1997 to fight a plan by Lewisham Council to concrete-over the local duck pond - continue on the new committee and provide much-needed historical knowledge. The longest serving resident at the AGM had lived in St. John's for 57 years, the shortest just three months!

The main emphasis for 2013-14 will be on tackling fly-tipping, campaigning for improved roads and pavements, and various community activities - carol singing, 'picnics in the park' and any other bright idea that's suggested. A flier will be distributed to every household in September giving further details for the Society's growth - in the mean time, and if anyone wants to get involved as an active member, please email the new Chairman, Roger Lewis (

A website and St. John's Directory will be created in due course; as well as a welcome for new residents in its geographic focus: inclusive of all households between Brookmill Road and Lewisham Way, the railway embankment at the far end of Albyn Road, and Lucas Street.


St John said...

If you think that's the only thing St John's will be tackling, think again. They're not all idiots like you.

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