Crossrail for Woolwich approved

London Reconnections reports that the planned Crossrail station for Woolwich will now be built, following a long period of wrangling and doubt. This looked inevitable after funding was agreed for preliminary work, but it's nice to have it confirmed. LR says:

Woolwich Crossrail station did not feature in the original Crossrail bill, and it is this which has resulted in a more torturous path to funding and prospective completion.

Finally in July this year a final agreement was reached. Yesterday on 25th July, Lord Attlee announced to Parliament that a compromise between all parties had been agreed. A legally binding agreement was now in place and Crossrail had been instructed to complete the station works. 

The full breakdown of that compromise has yet to emerge. Based on the details available, however, it seems that Crossrail will receive fixed additional funding of £54m to cover the cost of completing the station works. This £54m is made up of contributions from Greenwich Council, additional local developer contributions, funding from Berkeley Homes [full disclosure: a client of BC's employer] and contributions from both the Greater London Authority (GLA) and TfL.

The more transport connections for South East London the better and this project should accelerate the much-needed regeneration of Woolwich. With thanks to Richard on the South East London forum.