Boots N Blisters N Brockley

Emma writes:

We are a line dance club called Boots N Blisters and have been running in Brockley for 17 years. Originally at St Cyprians, Brockley Rd, when it was a social club, and when that closed moved to St Hilda's main hall.

We are a friendly and informal club, heavily populated by locals but with some coming from as far afield as East London (thanks to the new line) and Orpington.

We have an early session for beginners and always welcome newcomers.

I am a qualified fitness instructor and, as part of Boots N Blisters also run 'Zumba with Emma', before the line dancing on a Monday evening at 6.30pm. It is a great time slot for those calling in on their way home from work. We also have mums with young kids who are able to pop out at this time, when dad gets in, have their hour of 'me' time, and get back home in time to put the kids to bed. Those without kids enjoy that they have done their exercise and the night is still young! Quite a few also stay on for the line dance afterward- with beginners from 7.15- 8.30 and all levels (over lapping) from 8-10pm.

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