Pot tipped

When the Crofton Park plant-pot-tipper is finally caught, we will refuse to name them, lest we give them the publicity they crave. Presumably the same divs as the Brockley Cross tree-snapper:

Wuith thanks to Pam.


dave said...

When I passed this pot about 7pm this evening it had been returned to the correct way up. Thanks!

Andy said...

Oh my god; is no one safe!

Lieutenant Columbo said...

Dr. Ray Flemming: What about this hypothetical murderer?

Lt. Columbo: Well, I'm not talking about your average hothead, you know, the guy who pops somebody over the noggin with a bottle. What I mean is, uh, the kind of man that, uh, figures everything out in advance, who takes everything step by step. What do you know about that kind of man, Doctor?

Dr. Ray Flemming: I should charge you for this, but since it's on a theoretical basis, let's just call it a free consultation. All right. We are talking about a man who commits a crime, not the garden variety barroom brawl, but an elaborate intellectual project. What do we know about this man? Obviously, he's not impulsive. He plans, he calculates. He minimizes risks. He's oriented by his mind, not by his emotions. And he's probably well educated, too.

Lt. Columbo: Like maybe a professional man?

Dr. Ray Flemming: Like maybe. At any rate, an orderly man with an eye for detail and courage.

Lt. Columbo: Courage?

Dr. Ray Flemming: Oh, certainly. To go through a thing like this, whatever it may be, it takes a strong nervous system.

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