Brockley's pop-up du jour

Felix writes:

I am a chef and I have organized several dining events in my own home mostly as practice for the business side of running restaurants and cafes, albeit on a much smaller scale! I like to serve three courses with an emphasis on food that can be achieved in one's own home, but hopefully with the added benefit of having been prepared by a professional chef.

Now that I have moved back to Brockley after a couple of years in New Cross I hope to extend my guest list beyond my  friends and get some reliable, honest feedback on my endeavours!  I have a Facebook page where people are able to purchase tickets in advance.

The next event is on the 13th April and will be priced at £17.50 for three courses (byo)  and the menu is as follows:

  • Langoustine bisque risotto 
  • Braised beef, seared pigeon, mash, broccoli
  • Chocolate Fondant, coriander ice cream,  peanut praline