Digital divide hits Brockley Cross

"The Brockley 27" in classic "angry local residents" pose for the Guardian
A few months ago, a friend who moved into the Dragonfly Place live-work development in Brockley Cross, mentioned that the residents were struggling to get any phone or internet access and we might look into the subject. Well, we should have, but we didn't.

Now, proving in a way that no amount of NSA revelations ever could, that there is still a role for professional journalists, the Guardian has covered the story. As the article tells, it has been seven months since the place opened and there is still no BT Openreach connection, which is not helpful for a development designed to attract small creative and tech businesses.

Read the full story and BT's excuse about blocked ducts here.


Chris Wheal said...

My advice is buy a recording ear piece for about £15 from Amazon and record all your calls to BT then put them online and email the chief executive. Of course BT will still be useless but at least the chief executive will know his company is useless.

Tim said...

As if the CEO is going to read some random email. Clearly they get filtered by his PA, and she is just going to hit "forward" to complaints department or similar.


Its not just BT that keeps Brockley isolated, has anyone got a decent EE signal here? or a virgin media internet service? I can get neither and am worn out with complaining!
Brockley its only zone 2 but it might as well be on another planet

Virgin said...

Virgin fiber doesn't cover this area either

Max Calò said...

He should read the reports about how disfunctional his organisation is though. Too busy admiring his bank account probably.

Moira said...

I have just left Orange after 20 years as I couldn't have a conversation in my house. Complain, ask for a booster box and get 50% off your bill for 3 months (the compensation I received). Have now left and am happily having conversations at my desk in my home with giffgaff.

Monkeyboy said...

'zactly. Orange seems to be dead zone, at least they were for me in Malpas road and data connection was SLOW everywhere. GiffGaff works for me (O2 essentially) and no contract so you can duck out if it all goes tits.

Prancey said...

We moved into Dragonfly Place in Novemeber 2013. BT fobbed us off with a load of rubbish until I emailed the CEO of BT. Since then emails back and forth finally we had a phone line and broadband service connected in March - all very lovely.

BT then emailed me over the weekend to say 'Welcome to BT!' - now we have no dial tone or broadband. Typical.

BT Openreach have the monopoloy for installing and activating phone lines. Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet pretty much everyone (minus Virgin Media) rely on Openrech to activate services. Annoyingly, Openreach are not public facing - they dont even have a customer service department.

The saga appears to continue for everyone.

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