Currency of ideas

We just want to say thank you to whoever thought they would spend their time applying various kinds of sticky tape to this little part of Lewisham Way yesterday.

The Spirograph-meets-Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends pattern made our journey to work this morning that bit nicer.

We reckon 10 art follies are worth one new gallery in terms of our quality of life, while 20 might be worth a new shop selling useful things, 30 would pay for a new cafe and 40 guerilla artworks are probably the equivalent of a new bar or restaurant opening in the area. So in lieu of either of the latter appearing, this has provided about 1/40th of the joy, which is no mean feat for a bit of sellotape.

Go see it at the junction of Manor Avenue and Lewisham Way. Hopefully it's nothing to do with ley lines.


Brockley Ben said...

Spirograph, not etch-a-sketch, shurely...?

Brockley Nick said...

Gah! Yes. That is exactly what I meant. Sorry to all concerned.

The Thinker said...

Does the council mind? I was given the impression some time ago, that particular area was supposed to be clear for emergency vehicles, like fire engines... so they could easily turn onto Lewisham way? Not sure if that's true, or is still the case as it was some time ago.

If not could we not have a plinth or something there to exhibit sculpture on a regular basis? a fountain an egg or something perhaps? It just seems a under utilized space in a prominent location.

St Eve said...

Did a loop round this with the bairn on the bike last night returning from nursery. He was impressed and it certainly lightened up the route. Bravo. More please. No need to be 3D. Perhaps just something subtle enough to catch you by surprise when you're right on top of it.

Algernonian said...

My sister is an artist and used to do this kind of thing. Late at night she'd go into town and paint one cobble in the middle of a marketplace. Or she take a handful of pebbles from a river shore, paint them, then return them, wondering who might pick them up and how far they might travel. If you are artistic, share the joy!

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