Residential proposal for Brockley Police Station

Brockley Police Station has been sold, but its sui generis planning status means that the buyer will have to get Council approval for its conversion plans. So we asked the Council for a comment on whether planning officers had a preference for its redevelopment - the area would benefit from more high quality space for offices, retail, dining, drinking or even a gym.

Like many readers, we hope that at least some of the space will be given over to one or more of these uses. This is a rare opportunity to build something different in the area and the Council have significant influence over what gets built. So here's what we were told:

“We are keen for the locally listed building to be retained and have received a pre-application enquiry proposing residential use. The Council assesses every application on its own merits. Any potential use would need to be assessed against the impacts not only upon the locally listed building, but also the local area.”

So there we go. It's going to be flats.