The 1940s House

Yet another reason to visit Catford


hooglie said...

This looks like a great little exhibition.
This estate is right behind our house, and it is really quite amazing. Is an amazing piece of history about to be lost and i think is really worth a visit down to Catford !
Is beside the Corbett Estate, It's worth a visit !!

bradycath said...

This IS a great exhibition, photographs, films, documentaries, lots of tea and biscuits. It has also been extended until 31st May as the response has been so good..over 700 people visited so far!!
There will be more events happening over coming weeks, heritage talks, tours, tea parties and maybe a film night, so keep an eye on their page on facebook/PalacesForthePeople.
If you want to help contact Elisabeth Blanchet.

bradycath said...

As a result of being involved in the Prefab Museum exhibition, I've met several people who have talked about the prefabs that were on Hilly Fields. I've tried searching for photos on line but can't find any. Does anyone know of anybody who remembers them, or who may have family photos of them somewhere???
If so please contact us on or as we would love to hear about them.

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