World Book Night in Greater Brockley

Lewisham and Crofton Park are vying for your attention on World Book Night, April 23rd. First up, Lewisham Council writes:

The award winning Glass Mill Leisure Centre in Lewisham has been chosen by The Reading Agency as the London venue to host a World Book Night event.

The event will include performances and readings from award winning crime author, Dreda Say Mitchell and Nadeem Masood, author of ‘Making Pandemonium’, an insider’s account of being a volunteer performer at the London 2012 Olympics. 

World Book Night, now in its fourth year, is run by The Reading Agency, the charity with a mission to give everyone an equal chance to become a reader. 12,500 copies of 20 specially printed World Book Night titles, totalling 250,000 books, will be given by a network of volunteer reading enthusiasts and institutions focusing on reaching 35% of the population who don’t read for pleasure.

The Crofton Park Library team says:

For this year's World Book Night, the reading groups and book clubs of Crofton Park will be celebrating together. It is an opportunity for bookworms to meet each other; make new friends; share what they have been reading over the past year; and be inspired to try new genres and authors.

The celebration will be held on Wednesday April 23, at Crofton Park library at 8 pm. should bring one copy of each of the books they have read over the past year. (If you read them on Kindle or borrowed them from the library, can you bring a print of the cover?) it will be exciting to see what the other groups have been reading and to share recommendations.

There will be a quiz, loosely based on this year's world book night books. You can see which ones here:

Although books are provided by Lewisham Council, Crofton Park library is a community library, run by the community for the community. The library relies on donations of books that can be sold to raise funds to keep the library going.

Everyone is invited to bring unwanted books to the library on April 23. Allison Davis, the library manager, has suggested that there is a book swap and the remaining books will be donated to the library.

There will be cheese and wine. Entry is £5, payable at the door.