BXAG opposes car-buncle

The Brockley Cross Action Group - a community group initially founded to help improve the state of this blighted junction - has confirmed its opposition to the current plans to redevelop the Brockley Cross car dealership.

The scheme is a hideous mishmash of architectural concepts and the developers are trying to squeeze too much on to an admittedly awkward site. The land needs redevelopment and the car lot brings little to the area.

As for the ground floor commercial space, it either needs to be done really well, to attract a decent business to this challenging location, or to be scrapped completely. The space currently proposed is a sop to the Council that would simply create another empty unit. Brockley Cross doesn't need more commercial space, it needs better commercial units, created by developers who are actively interested in attracting businesses.


Lillydids said...

Ideally it would be a small green area, perhaps with a small play space for little'ns....... But untill then, glad to hear broc soc are opposed! The new proposal is terrible!

suze said...

Just a little note: The article mentions opposition by Brockley Cross Action Group (BXAG) not Broc Soc - they are two different entities.

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