Lewisham police numbers down by 68 since 2010

The London Assembly Labour group have released figures showing the fall in local police numbers since 2010. They say:

Latest figures released by the Mayor of London show that 68 police officers have been cut in Lewisham, a drop of 10% since May 2010. The latest figures show that despite the Mayor’s pledge to increase police numbers, the opposite is happening on his watch.  The cut in police officers comes after criticism of the Mayor’s new Local Policing Model which Len Duvall AM argues is eroding neighbourhood policing in the borough.

The number of borough-based police officers in Lewisham has dropped from 680 in May 2010 to 613 in January 2014.  Across London, the number of police officers has declined by 3,111 (9%).


Chris Wheal said...

Will anyone notice? The only ones you see are having a jolly on horses. If you actually need them to do anything it is a different story.

Monkeyboy said...

i found them fine when i got broken into, took a while to turn up as they we're short on numbers!

also, street police may be reassuring (to some) but is that the be all and end all? policing is about office work, serving warrants, questioning etc not just wondering around in uniform like glorified security guards.

elloelloello said...

I am a sure few people will find it hard to believe, but the crime statistics show that crime has been steadily decreasing over the past decade.

If that it is case, it seems to follow that you need less policemen.

Brockley Nick said...

That is true about crime levels. But it doesn't necessarily follow that police numbers should fall - the alternative is that you keep the same number of police to improve the detection rate and cut crime even faster...

Still, I do think that some cut in numbers is appropriate at a time of falling crime and squeezed public finances. The question is whether - like so many aspects of government spending - this has been "too far, too fast"?

teahound said...

The plain clothes police were excellent after I was attacked. I hope that they haven't had their numbers reduced.

Anon said...

No comment.

JPM said...

I recently fell victim to this reduction.
Accompanied a friend to Lewisham station who the police wanted to talk to.
Spoke to the civilian at the desk and he told us to step inside the adjoining cubicle. We did - and with that a glass door slammed shut trapping us.
The civvy refused to open it saying my friend was wanted for 'questioning'. But how about me? Kept us over an hour until the police came, said my friend was free to leave - whenever he wanted? - and the doors were then opened.
Got a call later from the inspector to apologise.

Anon said...

Did they not roll out the red carpet for you this time, or offer you your regular suite ;) Just can't get the staff these days.

JPM said...

I'm going to sue the Met Police for 10 thousand pounds a minute for every minute of my incarceration.
I'm also going for damages for the humiliation as my cell was glass-sided - and therefore, viewable by the law-abiding public.
Then there's the institutional racism. I was expecting it. Did not receive it. And that is most... well, I'd rather not dwell on it.
But it was the threat of, possibly, maybe, being tasered that has left me truly traumatised.
With what Bernard Hogan-Howe may have to shell out in damages that will amount to 100 less police officers on the streets.
Christmas has come early for me.

Anon said...

My sympathies on your incarceration, you must have felt like a goldfish, I'm surprised at how long they lasted ;)

I suppose you must have used your pseudonym David Blaine, they clearly didn't buy into Mandela or Julian Assange this time around, but I can see the confusion.

Next time you could take a door wedge, a glass cutter or a good book ;) Alternatively tweet #free the brockley 2 @Brockley Nick and we'll start a online petition for your immediate release... this side of Christmas ;)

Thinker said...

I truly, truly, hope that is the case, but my cynical side is aware that how crime figures are recorded has also changed. That said, on the two occasions I've had to call them out I'm grateful to say they responded quickly. And perhaps Community Support Officers and the new neighbourhood teams might make a difference.

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