Dog unites man

Buddy Baker: Your world must be terrible. It seems so gray and bleak. How can you possibly live in a world without superheroes? 
Grant Morrison: We get by.
- Animal Man

Matt writes:

At lunchtime on Wednesday I was dropping my daughter's grandma (and her dog) off at Brockley station after a few days babysitting. Just as they were about to go through the barriers to platform 2 a large staffie, not on a lead, came racing under the barrier and attacked our dog, who is an elderly spaniel. It locked on and wouldn't let go for ages. It took four of us to get it to release eventually. It's owners weren't much help, offered a feeble apology and then disappeared.

It was a horrible incident which shook us all up, but massive thanks to the good Samaritans of Brockley who came out of shops and flats to help us, bringing water for our dog, calling the vet and making sure we were OK (apologies for my colourful language as I was trying to get the offending dog off).

One emergency trip to the vets later and Ellie the dog has been patched up, is on antibiotics and should be OK. It could have been much worse, (and fortunately my daughter was safely asleep in her buggy), but I urge responsible dog owners to be vigilant in the area, especially if you see another dog is off its lead.