Mud Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen has sprung up next to the Hilly Fields cafe. Launched as part of the Wild Play Day programme, paid for by a Big Lottery Changing Places grant and run by the Friends of Hilly Fields, it was built to encourage different kinds of children's play, beyond the confines of the playground. It will be used to stage a range of events in  future. Rachel from the Friends writes:

The mud kitchen is intended to stay on site and has had lots of positive feedback. We have a heavier top on order which we hope will be attached to logs, so not as easily movable. They couldn't make the heavier one in time (as it is non standard). The two thinner ones will then go to Chelwood [nursery]. 


Jamie @ Moving to London said...

Thanks for sharing this. I think it's very important that children today are taken away from gadgets and other modern technologies from time to time and given opportunities to explore nature and other activities. Being in the outdoors is definitely beneficial for them in many ways, helping them develop more important skills and abilities along the way.

This is actually a cool and interesting way of getting kids engaged in an unconventional way. Kudos to the one who came up with the idea! I do hope to see more of unique ways to entertain and educate our kids today.

Potteryrocks said...

I notice that some people think the pans are for doggy drinks. A sign might be a good idea.

Rosie said...

I assumed that too, especially as it's in the spot where the very kind park keeper used to put out fresh water for the dogs to lap up

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