A Rox for all your houses

BCer Neil feels blessed by the nearby presence of Rox Burger (82 Lee High Road) and is anxious that as many people as possible pack their colons with its wares, so that it can flourish. He writes:

Went to Rox Burgers last night and it was effing brilliant. For a start, they ask you how you want it done - what joy! Got a cheeseburger, medium rare, loads of cheese - smothered in it. Burger was nice and juicy, crisp, fresh salad, brioche bun (as they all insist on doing now). And the chips were sensational.

First bite was messy but once it got that out of its system no mess, the perfect hand food. No booze license yet but that’s fine as for me burgers and chips are one of the few things that make coca cola the way to go.

I urge you to visit. Probably the best I've had since #meateasy went to join the hoorays. It was all I could do not to embrace the fellow that cooked it. They're on twitter and facebook and will be delivering soon apparently. Bet it's at least as good as anything the ridiculous model market is dishing up and these don’t charge you to get in.