Lewisham house prices still outpacing rest of the capital [UPDATED]

With the central London property market cooling and the overall London market flat in June, City AM reports that inner London boroughs continue to experience the fastest growing house prices in the capital, with Lewisham the 10th fastest-riser, behind Hackney, Haringey and Middlesbrough.

With thanks to Joe for the heads-up. 

Update: Joe's also sent us this link, from the Standard, which claims that Lewisham house prices are not only rising faster than most of London, they are also second only to Hackney in the degree to which they are sold for more than the asking price, suggesting that price rises will continue to outstrip the London average for a while:

Other boroughs where average selling prices exceed average asking prices include Bexley, by £1,137; Greenwich (£1,196); Hounslow (£973); Kensington and Chelsea (£2,570); Lewisham (£7,346); Tower Hamlets (£4,797), and Wandsworth (£3,421).


Hugh said...


Brockley Nick said...

Yes, as the BC article I linked to explains, Lewisham house prices have been rising considerably faster than the London average as people have decided that living in the inner cities is desirable again and snub the burbs.

Hugh said...

Outpacing the rest of the capital is not the same as beating the average, Nick.

Also, for how long have they been rising considerably faster?

Comprehension 101 said...

Update for pedants:

- Outpacing 'the vast majority' of the capital.

- Prices continue to rise considerably faster (click the link to see a previous blog dated 24.9.13 about outperforming boroughs).

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