The NOx on all your houses

Inspired by the news that Oxford Street has the highest levels of NOx (a major air pollutant) of any street in the world (where the numbers are accurately measured and reported), local blog Green in SE13, has investigated Lewisham's record on NOx. It notes:

Well, according to “Air quality in Lewisham: A Guide for Public Health Professionals", produced by the Mayor’s office in 2012, there are a number of areas of concern. The report highlights a few areas of the borough which are a particular problem:

- New Cross Road 
- Loampit Vale 
- Brockley Cross
- Catford Gyratory

...Of particular concern is that both Catford and New Cross NO2 levels averaged 51 mg/m3 compared to a legal limit of 40.

Obviously, these are places where road traffic gets snarled (congestion, rather than traffic, is the real killer) and one of these, at least, is about to get worse, during the redevelopment of Lewisham town centre.

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Monkeyboy said...

and dont forget local blogger, citizen scientist and air quality ninja Clare

Chris Wheal said...

Why this story now? Those figures come from a 2012 report, assuming the anonymous blogger is to be trusted. I have a natural tendency to assume anonymous posters want anonymity to hide their lies. I assume you quoting it means you do at least know the author and trust the source.

Brockley Nick said...

They linked to the sources. I don't see this as having any particular political agenda - it's a fact of city living that needs to be dealt with by all parties, but it's relevant now because NOx has been in the news and Lewisham Gateway is just getting started.

Chris Wheal said...

Actually it didn't link to the report it claimed identified the four areas. The link is,d.ZGU

That report did indeed quote 2011 figures for New Cross and Catford as 51, but says the equipment in Loampit Vale had not been there long enough to give a figure.

The report actually mentions 9 areas identified by the GLA for monitoring in Lewisham and two of those are in Brockley. Brockley Cross had the highest proportion of NOX from car drivers (27%). The nine areas are:
Brockley Cross
Honor Oak Park Junction Brockley Road
New Cross and New Cross Gate
Deptfrod Church St/Broadway/Eveylyn St
Loampit Vales and High Street
A201 Brown Hill Road, Hither Green
A2212 Barking Road/Chinbrook Road, Grove Park
Catford Road and Gyratory
Forest Hill an Perry Vale junction

But, as I said, this was based on 2011 figures published in 2012. So why run the story now? The anonymous blogger admits to having lived here for five months. It took me five minutes to check the figures.

Anon said...

At the planning stage for the building now being built at the former Thurston Road Industrial site included was a document stating traffic pollution at certain levels in the building will be above the guide lines.

Clare said...

Aww ta :)

trouser press said...

"I have a natural tendency to assume anonymous posters want anonymity to hide their lies"

keep defending that moral high ground . . .

Chris Wheal said...

Easily defended. Even from trolls (another group of anonymous posters).

T press said...

That I was born into the family called 'press' and my parents christened me 'trouser' is of no consequence of course. Like taking a surname from a nasty skin condition. Keep taking the reality pills.

terrencetrentderby said...

I have a great idea for a consumer rights show "The Wheal of Fortune", you meet disgruntled residents and help restore their fortunes. We should discuss this in person, can't be that many Chris Wheals in the area so you shouldn't be hard to find, I'll pop round later tonight with a bottle of wine, say 10.30pm?

Chris Wheal said...

We used to write restaurant reviews for Square Meal - Wheals on meals. Unfortunately this was before there were many good restaurants in the area. Instead we repeatedly went to dire restaurants to write scathing copy - The Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich was repeatedly the worst.

terrencetrentderby said...

You are a credit to your community.

I'll bring condoms.

Big Green Man said...

Chris, thanks for the comments. I blog anonymously in a personal capacity because I work in a related area and it helps to keep professional and personal separate.

As for the link, I'm afraid I was flummoxed by my own technical incompetence and the vagaries of the new windows 8 pdf viewer. Suffice to say I tried but failed! On which basis, many thanks for finding it and posting it above. Appreciated.

As for the nine sites versus 4, I was trying to draw a line between highlighting the situation in the borough and just copying out their report again. I chose the four which are coloured the most nasty reds/yellows on the map provided in the report but you're right to point out that if anything the situation is even more widespread.

As to the dates, my post does update that report with the latest data on Lewisham Council's website if you read all the way to the bottom. On which note Lewisham have told me that they have a new Air Quality officer in place who will start to produce this data more regularly. I've again pressed them as to when the 2013 data will be available.

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