The NOx on all your houses

Inspired by the news that Oxford Street has the highest levels of NOx (a major air pollutant) of any street in the world (where the numbers are accurately measured and reported), local blog Green in SE13, has investigated Lewisham's record on NOx. It notes:

Well, according to “Air quality in Lewisham: A Guide for Public Health Professionals", produced by the Mayor’s office in 2012, there are a number of areas of concern. The report highlights a few areas of the borough which are a particular problem:

- New Cross Road 
- Loampit Vale 
- Brockley Cross
- Catford Gyratory

...Of particular concern is that both Catford and New Cross NO2 levels averaged 51 mg/m3 compared to a legal limit of 40.

Obviously, these are places where road traffic gets snarled (congestion, rather than traffic, is the real killer) and one of these, at least, is about to get worse, during the redevelopment of Lewisham town centre.

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