Merlin: The days of our kind are numbered. The one God comes to drive out the many gods. The spirits of wood and stream grow silent. It's the way of things. Yes... it's a time for men, and their ways.
- Excalibur

BCer Rik has been photographing the Excalibur Estate and wants to share his pictures with you. Here's one. You can see the rest here. He says:

Deep in amongst the quiet back streets of Catford lies a unique 12 acre site of post-war history. The Excalibur estate, constructed in 1946 by German and Italian prisoners of war consists of 187 single-story prefab houses built as temporary accommodation to alleviate the housing shortage caused by the London blitz of the Second World War. Despite the intentions for the estate as a short term solution, Excalibur survived well beyond its forecasted ten year life span. 

Now facing demolition by Lewisham Council, the community of Excalibur is stronger than ever, and is once more summoning up the Blitz spirit and standing firm.


one floor domicile said...

It's a great place with an extraordinary atmosphere, that said, I've only visited once or twice but the long term resident who I spoke to loved the place dearly.
From memory the 'consultation' the council undertook some time ago found the residents fairly evenly split about whether to stay or let it be developed. But the Council tend to get the answer they want from consultations...

Mike Acord said...

I used to live on Hazelbank Rd, just by the estate and have great memories of running through there. No longer there. I drove past it a few days ago and it's all borded up. R.I.P.

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