Catford Bridge access issues

More train anguish. Paul has been in touch with Lewisham Council and writes:

I walk to Catford Bridge station every morning via Ladywell Fields and Adenmore Road.

Recently, two high fences had appeared blocking all pedestrian access to the station from Ladywell Fields. Now pedestrians have to walk via the South Circular to get to the station, a considerable detour.

One fence was broach-able while the other was not, in the absence of a rope ladder or battering ram. Could a pedestrian access corridor not be kept open, running parallel to the Ravensbourne on Adenmore Road?

The Catford Green contractors onsite said that the two fences would be in place for five weeks and that signage had previously been up to indicate this, which neither I nor a fellow commuter had seen.

I am pleased that hopefully-affordable housing is being built in the local area, but hope that a way might be found to allow pedestrian access to Catford Bridge station during the works.