The Deptford Cinema

Deptford Cinema is a new, not-for-profit, volunteer run cinema focusing on art and experimental film. It will be opening a 50 seat cinema in the Autumn and is looking for volunteers and ideas to make it great. Click here for their website.

Everyone who's always complaining that Lewisham is the only London borough without a cinema can now help put the matter right.


Cineaste said...

Hopefully they will get the message and hold off reserving a place for you.

Now if they showed Human Centipede II....would you be tempted?

terrencetrentderby said...

Peckham Plex is only 2 miles away and it shows proper films.

Dave said...

Its a shame they don't do Saturday morning cinema any more , you would be in your element

guesty said...

Good for Deptford. But this is not a substitute for a big, commercial cinema. The idea that those who feel that it's a lacking for a whole borough to not have just one cinema, are 'complainers' is odd.

And then to go on to say because they've apparently "complained" they should abandon all the commitments they may have in their life and "put the matter right" is strange as well is odd response too.

People generally want a cinema for a bit escapism, probably because they are working really hard already and don't or can't take part in an unpaid, semi-social enterprise.

Brockley Nick said...

Oh goodness me, it was a little joke.

Anyway, I agree it would be nice to have a nice big multiplex. But equally I think the argument that Lewisham is poorly served for cinemas is a little silly - there are loads of massive great cinemas within easy reach, eg: two on the Greenwich Peninsula, one at Surrey Quays, an arthouse one in central Greenwich, one in Peckham, etc. It's just a quirk of the borough borders.

Regardless, I will wager that Lewisham borough will get its cinema within three years. Most likely in #newisham

Rose Bud said...

I hate big multiplexes like Surrey Quays, really expensive and nasty. We go to the 'Plex as it's so cheap.
I heard that the Weatherspoons in Forest Hill was going to be turned back into a cinema - now that would be nice.

Trevor Timby said...

Human centipede's for teenage perverts. As I said I like action something with arnie, brucie, sly and even flicks with statham and snipes. I don't wanna watch a blue screen for 90 minutes with some miserable sod prattling on about nonsense or a black and white film with subtitles about a geezer whose lost his bike.

guesty said...

So following your argument we will get a cinema in around 3 years time but it will be surplus to requirements, because we in Lewisham (or you and your like minded mates in Newisham) are already so well served across the borough borders.

Brockley Nick said...

No, it won't be surplus to requirements. It will be a welcome addition. I would like a cinema in the borough of Lewisham. I would go to it.

I'm just saying the people who act as though The Council has somehow betrayed them for failing to magic up a cinema need to get a sense of perspective.

And the use of #newisham was a joke too btw.

Cineaste said...

Hey, that is my favourite film!

I don't want to sit next to some belly aching Arne fan scoffing pop corn and burbing on his 'go large' coke and stinky hot dog.

I can see this cinema is not going to be big enough for the both of us.

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