Crofton Park and Honor Oak become a neighbourhood area

Lewisham Council reports:

Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park has been designated a neighbourhood area with its own neighbourhood forum. It is the first neighbourhood area to be designated in the borough. This means that, through the forum, local people can now prepare a neighbourhood plan that will set out how they want their area to develop.

Once agreed, the plan will become a legal document that must be considered when decisions are made on planning applications. Neighbourhood plans can contain a wide variety of policies relating to building and development, from the types of extensions people can build on their homes to the delivery of commercial development.

Membership of the forum will be open to anyone who lives or works in the neighbourhood area. For more information contact Cllr Pauline Morrison by email or on 020 8244 5315. The designation was approved by the Mayor of Lewisham at a meeting of Mayor and Cabinet on Wednesday 16 July 2014.