Global Street Art 2015

The Global Street Art festival, which festoons walls across a neighbourhood with brilliant art is working with Londonist to find a new home, so they are putting a shout out to communities across London to find the best bid. Londonist says:

If you think a street art festival would do your neighbourhood good, and you know local groups who are prepared to help, then email with your nomination and a summary of why you think your community could benefit in 50-100 words. 

Deadline for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Friday 1 August. The best, most feasible nominations will be shortlisted and the public will decide who gets it. Then everyone’s invited!

Could Brockley do a Qatar? Is #Newisham the new Rio? Will street art do for Deptford what European Capital of Culture status is doing for Riga? We've got lots of crappy walls in need of a legacy effect - bring graffiti home!


pad said...

The wall on the other side of the train station on Mantle Road between Nisa and the Chinese takeaway would make a good canvas. Its long and featureless and in need of some colour and brightening up.

Damian said...

Fantastic idea, some amazing stuff in se22 and more of the same this end would lift the place. Especially since we stand to lose some great pieces when/if the coulgate st building starts. A few good spots on the stretch near Brockley rock and around the junction with Margaret road. Something colourful would be great down at Crfton Park end also

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