Number One Mantle Road nears completion

Number One Mantle Road is nearing completion. It will create create nine new apartments and ground-level retail space.

If filled, the retail space will create a bit of a bridge between Bohemia Hair at one end of Mantle Road and the Broca Food Market at the other.

It's 'in keeping' with the other stuff that's been thrown up on Brockley Station's west side, in that it's a bit clunky. That's what everyone always says they want: stuff that's 'in keeping' as though that is an inherent virtue.

It's also less bad than a) the hole in the ground that's been occupying that site for years b) the initial proposal and c) most of the other stuff that's been built next to the station recently. It's still not very good though.

With one more major development due to go up on the west side of the station, let's hope that raises the standard.