Brockley happiness: Deeds not words

In the most scientific study since a PR agency produced a formula for the perfect cup of tea, a crack team of web designers mooched around 119 London postcodes for more than 700 hours to observe us all in our natural habitats and score us on the happiness we exhibited to compile a list of the jolliest places in the capital.

Brockley scores low on body language, but high in terms of our helpful acts. We pass the Batman test: It's what we do that defines us. We don't need to wear our happiness on our sleeve.

Our neighbours include some of London's happiest postcodes. In a South East London-dominated top 10, Honor Oak came 6th and Lewisham / Hither Green 8th. We're also bounded by some of the most miserable: Catford / Bellingham (109th) and Deptford (112th).

Play with the interactive map here. With thanks to James.