Sometimes they come back

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home alerts us to this cautionary, yet happy tale of a Brockley cat that went missing, but was tracked down and returned to its family. They say:

The Watt family from Brockley recently thought they had lost their cat Cookie when it had merely strayed a few streets from their house and got lost – luckily when it was bought to the London Battersea rescue centre it had a microchip containing details of the local vet who was then able to track the cat owners down three weeks later.

This story is really important as it shows how valuable microchipping your pets is and as it is National Microchipping Month [which is this one, presumably].


Headhunter said...

Someone should start a thread called Happy Endings or something where people can post cat stories following all the lost cat posters on the streets of Brockley

JosephJohnODonnell said...

Actually it shows that someone shouldn't have snatched their cat a few streets from their house because they thought it was 'lost'. We have this happen very annoying and then you have to pay a bill to the sanctuary to get it back.

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