Lewisham crashes "the party at the top"

The ONS has just released its analysis of house price changes across the country during 2014. Prices across borough of Lewisham have risen 21%, one of the highest rates of increase in London and only two points off the highest rate of growth in the country (South Bucks, 23%).

Estate agents Stirling Ackroyd comments: “Waltham Forest and Lewisham have crashed the party at the top. With 22% annual property price growth from 2013-2014, Waltham Forest matches Kensington and Chelsea eye-to-eye, despite their disparate properties’ worth. At the same time, house prices in Lewisham have actually risen faster than those in Westminster, increasing by 21% over the same period compared to the latter’s 20%."

Brockley officially lost its designation as "a relatively affordable part of London" back in May.

With thanks to Brockley Kate.