Coming soon: A Crofton Park Diner

More promising noises emanating from Crofton Park, which is already anticipating the arrival of a new deli shortly. Maria-Rosa writes:

"There is a new American-Italian Diner in Crofton park coming your way soon. It will be opening where Jerk Works used to be, opposite Crofton park station."

More details soon. Thanks to Molewife for the tip-off.


Hazeldon said...

Great news. Could do with another cafe too, can be a nightmare getting a table at Arlo & moe come the weekend

Mark said...

Fantastic news!! How exciting!

terrencetrentderby said...

Bit by bit Lady Progress makes Greater Brockley a little less rank

Crofton park pubs said...

Double win. Not only a new place but of all the empty units to replace, jerk works was most rank!

Sew247 said...

Great news, but somehow I can't imagine an alpine grass fed burger and organic rare-breed potato fries coming in at less than a tenner.

Menu please! said...

Something Italian that is not just a pizza joint would be nice.

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Gingewithatinge said...

I've hear there is a new cafe coming next to the curry house on the corner of Merritt Road. Does anyone else have any info on that?

Damian said...

I walk past regularly and haven't seen or heard any signs of life

Gingewithatinge said...

Me neither, for a while, but a few months ago there was a planning notice on the shutters.

kush said...

Be good to frequent an alternative to Arlo & Moe, maybe this new place will be a bit more smiley and welcoming.

Brian friend said...

Glad to see the anticipation ... We promise you will not be disappointed ;)

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