Greater London: National Park City

London's green and open spaces mapped - 48% of the capital overall
On June 24th, the team behind the campaign to designate Greater London as the world's first National Park City will present their ideas in Honor Oak.

Approximately 48% of the capital is given over to green or open space and London is home to more than 1,300 sites of national importance for conservation, as well as 13,000 different species.

The move would be a branding exercise, with little influence over the planning system - but as Tech City, Med City and Greater Brockley have shown, branding a place works - re-framing priorities and making people think differently about the place they live and work in. To that extent, the National Park City project is a great idea, which would give greater impetus to city-greening projects like the Peckham Coal Line and the Brockley Corridor.

The Friends of Blythe Hill Fields and Mayow Park are co-hosting a talk by the campaign's founder, Dan Raven-Ellison, on 24th June at 7pm at the Honor Oak pub.

Click here for a guide to the area's greenspaces.