Lewisham Station's historic features in jeopardy

BCer Joe writes:

A notice about the partial demolition of Lewisham Station has been put up. They are planning to open up space between platforms by demolishing existing walls to make way for a new seating area, expanding the old ticket hall between platforms 2 and 3. Worryingly, no-one at customer services could tell me any more about it.

There are not any historic buildings left nearby. South Eastern should consult with passengers about its plans before spending money. The damage to the historic fabric of the 1859 building should be offset by moves such as removing the 60s false ceiling in the main hall to expose the original cornicing underneath and removing the television screens which disfigure the symmetry of the fa├žade. The station has the potential to be a real gem if properly looked after.

It would be good if other locals got in contact with South Eastern asking for more information and registering their concern [BC will ask them for a statement].