Falcon Request

Peregrine Falcons have nested on the top of the old Citibank tower in Lewisham. The four chicks are about to fledge and that means they might land awkwardly, somewhere in the middle of Lewisham, unable to take off again.

If you find one, please immediately contact the London Peregrine Partnership on their hotline 078 0773 8699.


Max Calò said...

Rapacious animals on top of bank. Not surpised.

Shed said...

I'd love to see its majestic 200mph hunting dive on an unsuspecting discarded chicken box down the sham

Snoop said...

a few years ago there was a story about a duck nested up there - apparently the rspca went up to bring the ducklings down to the river spot by the railway bridge. Dunno if it was true,I hope so, and hope the Falcons make it.

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