The Shopping Dispute

News Shopper journalists are on a two day strike, in protest at plans to cut jobs and rationalise operations.

A younger, snarkier Brockley Nick might have asked how old ladies will cope without their regular diet of local people standing in front of something while frowning and pointing, but the Shopper has raised its game in recent years, embracing the social age and finding some young journalists who seem to care about the places they report on.

So, whatever the merits of the business case, cuts to an already bare-bones team of reporters represent bad news.


MMc said...

elevation of youth, patronising denigration of age or is it just 'Ladeeeeez' - nice one younger snarkier Nick - or is it just older snarlier Nick?

PeoplesAssemblySEL said...

The journalists really appreciate support, anyone who enjoys the Newshopper, do give Newsquest a quick email or phone call, (details in the image above) to say, we appreciate the paper, we want it keep going, and getting better.

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