The Time Out Guide to Brockley: "Brunch, booze and a 1950s ballroom"

In London you really feel that the world is someone else’s oyster. Whether it’s an A-list star on stage in the West End I can’t get tickets for, a Michelin-starred restaurant laughing contemptuously at my attempt to make a reservation or a nightclub with guest list admittance only, London has it all.
The Daily Mash

The Time Out guide to Brockley, curated with contributions from BC readers and printed earlier this week, is now online, the publisher having bravely eschewed the "digital first" mantra.

The guide itself is fine - flattering, but a little 2012, with the Brockley Brewery the only recent arrival to get a name-check. The Rivoli gets its obligatory 'you'll never guess what' mention.

Here you go.