Albertines, Lewisham Way

BC review to follow.

Please leave your comments below in the mean time.


Richard Elliot said...

I've been in there twice. It doesn't look very inviting from the outside; gloomy, the curtains are always half drawn and usually a broken window for good measure. Sadly it doesn't get much better once inside.

Why they recently painted it black I don't know.......

Headhunter said...

Went there for a drink in November I think. We were trying to get a table at Meze Mangal but there was a 30 min wait. We were the only ones in there... They seem to have updated the front with decking etc, the inside is fairly basic and the loos were awful. Selection of drink was restricted to the usual lagers. Not in a hurry to go back

bob said...

I didn't realise anyone had actually ever been in there. I assumed it was some kind of cover for a hostel for indigent vampires.

Valerie said...

Valerie P from West Norwood
Myself and 5 friends visited Albertines on 23rd April, (funny Fridays) Host Jeff Schuman and his 2 international guests were "absolutely fantastic". We Will definitely go back there.

Shame about the food, Chef needs to "fix up" ASAP. Jerk chicken was horrible and food served was luke warm.

Anonymous said...

they've recently been given a late licence and now open till 3 on thurs, fri and sat. which would be no bother but for the noise - and its awful music too, particualrly the horrid early 90's R and B karaoke on thursdays. horrendous.

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