Brockley's Chattering Classes

Not that anyone's ever invited Brockley Central to a dinner party locally, but if they did, we like to imagine that it wouldn't be like the one described in this ludicrous bit of navel-gazing in The Telegraph today.

"Picture the scene, and mark it well, for it will be coming soon to a dinner party near you... Where once the idle chit-chat might have been of a lavish basement extension or a holiday finca in Andalucia, now the talk is of crippling school fees, tumbling house values and the scandalous cost of commuting by rail. Or car. Or, for that matter, staying at home and putting the heating on... We are the Coping Class."

This is surely the silver-lining to the area having more than its fair share of rehab centres. It ensures we all maintain a sense of perspective, whatever our political persuasions or financial status. And it means that, when writing this blog finally earns us a seat at the most illustrious tables in Brockley, we expect the conversation to be a little less hellish than that described by The Telegraph.