Goodbye Cafe Neu

Cafe Neu, has closed down. The sign on the front door cites reasons 'beyond their control' for the closure.

We were sitting in Moonbow Jakes at 2.41pm on Friday, making mental notes for a review, when the news came through from an anonymous poster on Brockley Central. There was no answer when we called the enquiry number, but a neighbouring businessman thought the reason was simply money.

The comments in our review section suggest Cafe Neu was providing a decent service, but we confess we'd never got round to trying it. If the problem was a lack of revenue, then it wasn't because of a lack of local people with an appetite for spending money in cafes - Moonbow Jakes was virtually full while we were there, as it always is. But Moonbows is a practically perfect place and we'd guess that Cafe Neu didn't manage to come up with a quite a good enough reason why customers should cross the road.

And, as one reviewer wrote, it can't have been easy being flanked by a collection of old fridges and catering equipment on the pavement from the shop next door. Why that shop is allowed to clutter up the high street in that way, we have no idea.

We wish the Cafe Neu team good luck in the future and hope that another business tries to take on that site soon.