New poll - the gallery

For one day only, please vote on what you think the name for the new gallery should be. We couldn't feature all of the names suggested, in all their various iterations, for fear of breaking Google. However, we have listed the ones we think are the most popular. And, like all other polls on this site, it is "not official" and will just be used to help the team in charge of setting up the gallery make up their own mind.

Remember, the name is the easy bit, so if you want to get involved with running the place, please contact to find out more.

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Anonymous said...

Surely it would be sensible for the cafe and the gallery, like the development itself, to use the Tea Factory name to tie everything together and create a landmark at Brockley Cross that reminds people of the area's history?

P.S. I understand it was a tea and coffee processing plant...

Ploomie said...


The Tea Factory Gallery


Artea Gallery


Art @ The Tea Factory

Unknown said...

Maybe I've missed the vote already- but while calling it the Tea Factory Gallery is nice and simple, and does make a nice link to the history of the building, it could cause confusion with the Tea Building in Hoxton which is home to several galleries, as well as being a redeveloped warehouse / factory of some sort; if nothing else we could run into difficulties if they object to a very similarly used space with a very similar name in the same city. Please please please don't call it Art Tea Place!

Anonymous said...

As a future resident of the Tea Factory I dread it being named something like Artea place, SE4art Art@tea etc. I am all for popularising art and inclusiveness but these names aren't clever, funny or 'cool'.

I think the name should reference the area: The Brockley Gallery or Brockley Cross Gallery.

Or perhaps a patron should be sought who could lend their name to the gallery?

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