House prices in Brockley

One of Brockley Central's guilty pleasures is to read the Housepricecrash forum - a haven for nihilists, misanthropes and people who sold their flat two years ago in the expectation that the house price market was 'just about to crash' and they could buy it back for thruppence, three months later.

However, it's been a bit less of a fun read since the credit crunch, as their property conspiracy theories have gathered momentum and the mood on the boards has shifted from paranoia to triumphalism.

So we thought we'd drop the H-bomb on Brockley Central and ask you what you think about the housing market in SE4. Here's some research we did earlier...

According to, the average sale price of a property in Brockley rose between November 2006 and 2007 from £235,490 to £259,642, equating to a 10% rise, with flats enjoying the fastest price growth (20%).

And below is's list of the 10 most and least expensive streets in Brockley, although in many cases the volume of transactions (measured over two years) is very low, so it may not be a terribly reliable guide to the area, most desirable locations...

Brockley's 10 most expensive roads

1 Crescent Way £613,750
2 Drake Road £515,000
3 Reservoir Road £402,000
4 Montague Avenue £400,000
5 Henryson Road £376,000
6 Elsiemaud Road £365,350
7 Harefield Road £360,500
8 Chalsey Road £356,533
9 Upper Brockley Road £335,722
10 Amyruth Road £333,112

Brockley's 10 least expensive roads

1 Kentwell Close £123,333
2 Pincott Place £146,926
3 Turnham Road £150,600
4 Barville Close £152,667
5 Greatfield Close £154,000
6 Foxwell Street £158,833
7 Brockley Road £167,221
8 Frendsbury Road £173,750
9 Reynard Close £177,500
10 Seymour Gardens £186,269