Cafe Blanca, Brockley Road

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bob said...

I like it. I think it's had a change of management recently, but retains its North African/French vibe. When I was last there, they had a TV playing the French equivalent of the Discovery Channel on, which I thought was cool, although the volume was low (obviously a good thing) and they also had on some North African music.

They do excellent cakes, excellent coffee, and nice panninis. It's good to hear customers talking to the staff in Arabic: you sure don't feel like you're in SE4 when you're there, but in a good way!

Anonymous said...

It did change management about (?)8months ago - mostly to the better, though the sad thing is that it no longer seems to offer so much in the way of north african dishes as these were excellent.
However, what it does do - coffee, cakes, panninis - is done very well and the mint tea is delicious and served with style.

The main improvement is more regular opening hours, as the problem with it before was half the time it was shut when it was supposed to be open.

The interior is very small and still very attractive though it has lost some of the really lovely mosaic tables, cushions and wall hangings it had before. There are quite a number of outside tables which is good for smokers (whether cigarettes or shish shish/nargile) - the drawback is that the road is a busy one but they have put effort into protecting the tables from it.
It has a licence and is nowadays more of a small cafe/bar than an eating place.

Anonymous said...

I was just there today. i go every week while my daughter is in her drama class. I like the staff, they are very friendly, but do get the orders wrong sometimes. The coffee is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. The chocolate cake is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Had delicious paninis from there as a break in our local food shopping last week. It was delicious, and the owner was really friendly did smell like some food had been very seriously burnt before we got there, but it didn't affect our food.

Anonymous said...

Is this that cafe down by Crofton Park Station?

Anonymous said...

It is near to Crofton Park station but over other side of road and about 50 yards down. Between the Rivoli and the Brockley Jack

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