Project Eyesore: Update

The object of her disaffection - Sue Luxton wants this sign gone... for good

Right, there's been far-too-much sunny frivolity on this site lately - what with cycling reunions, drinking plans and and sure-fire, get-rich-quick property investment speculation.

So, following hot on the heels of the Upper Brockley Road demolition, let's have another dose of urban decay, with a Project Eyesore update.

Project Eyesore seeks to highlight Brockley's worst offences against the public realm. Over on her blog, Cllr Sue Luxton has been chronicling her struggle on this particualrly unlovely stretch of Brockley Road.

She says:

"On Tuesday I posted about a minor success I'd had getting an illegal advertising board removed from outside Brockley Kitchen. I may have spoken too soon. Yesterday I opened my councillor post to discover notification of a planning application for, yes, you've guess it, a "The retention of one double sided illuminated free standing advertisement display unit outside 258 Brockley Road SE4."

The advertising board is just one of many problems in that spot. Sue's list also includes:

"A BT exchange box, a redundant post box, a number of commercial waste bins stored there, railings [and] illegal pavement parking."

Click here for the full story and please send us your photos of Brockley at its worst to the usual email address.


Anonymous said...

Well done Sue Luxton for highlighting this particularly unloved spot of our poor high-street.

It does my head in walking past this strip of shops, what with the dangerously uneven pavement and all the chicken bones and litter strewn everywhere. And what doofus keeps parking his car on the footpath and blocking the whole place? I mean come the hell on people, how few brain cells do you need to notice that its a dumb place to park... so many people seem to absolutely zero concept of how to behave in a public place.

Incidentally councillor, why are these vehicles never clamped or their drivers warned by either the police or borough council about illegal obstruction? I mean its not exactly hard to catch them in the act.

The sad thing is that that row of Victorian buildings would actually be rather pretty if it wasnt for the ghastly plastic 1970's shop fronts. Its a shame the landlords/retailers are all too miserable to club together a few quid and stick up a few hanging baskets or give the place a lick of paint or do something to tart it up a bit.

Sue, if you fancy hijacking that poxy illiminated billbord at 3am some night, I am with you - i will bring my hatchet to chop the blasted thing down...if you bring 2 of those goggle-hoodies to hide our identity ;) They are legal you know...

Bea said...

I totally agree – that stretch does my head in – by far the worst looking row of shops in Brockley (although the traders are very friendly - in particular the dry cleaning guy & Brockley Kitchen).

Why it has to be such a struggle to walk down is beyond me and I invariably have to do it with a buggy too which is an extra challenge.

I’ve officially protested to the Council’s planning department. In case anyone wants to do the same the application number is: DC/07/67774/X and the email address is: You also need to provide them with your name and address.

Anonymous said...

surely this stretch is an ideal candidate for the tree-planting thats funded by our £10K, via the council. who do we tell?

Anonymous said...

Its a real Eyesore around the section and with cars parking how they want all over the pavement like a NO WALK ZONE .... clean it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes please clean it up and plant some trees.

Anonymous said...

click here for the Sandgate forum

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. Re the parking, I've hit something of a snag, in that parking are now saying the forecourts in front of the shops are private and therefore they can't stop people parking there.

Rather annoying, given that when I first asked highways back in October about enforcement action to deal with the parking on the pavement there, I was told that officers had "asked for parking enforcement in the area to be stepped up". When I followed this up in December and enquired how many tickets had been issued, I was told "We have checked our records and no tickets have been issued for footway parking in Brockley Road in the past 2 months. It is quite likely that no offences were being committed at the time when the wardens visited - and there is a bit of a 'cat and mouse' game that takes place in areas such as this where there is a lot of short stay parking to access local shops. We will continue to ensure that our Parking Services Team enforces against footway parking in on a regular basis in the road.".

This didn't make sense to me as there is almost always a car then when I walk past so I followed up again, and then last week the answer came back that because the forecourts in front of the shops (the tatty pot-holed tarmac bit rather than the paved bit) is private property, belong to the shops, and therefore the Council can't stop parking on there.

So I've reached something of an impasse with this. I'm waiting for Sarah, the town centre manager to get back from her hols and then I will discuss the situation with her and see if she has any suggestions. If we can get the businesses along there on board and agree not to let cars onto their forecourts, then we might be able to get somewhere and perhaps jointly fund some improvements to the area, but if not, it will limit what we can do.

Re the bins - they should only be on the forecourts, not the pavement (ie not the paved area). Re the post box, I have contacted the Post Office and await their response.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Sue - and your efforts are very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

here here, thanks Sue

Anonymous said...

Just found out that the application has been refused under officer-delegated powers. Hurrah! Thank you to all those who objected, it clearly made a difference.

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