The Tea Factory: On track

It's seemingly gone a bit quiet on site at the Tea Factory lately, with few workers visible since before Christmas.

Given the development's importance to the look and feel of Brockley's centre and its role as the home to the new community gallery and another cafe for Brockley, we contacted the developers (who kindly gave us a tour of the site last year) to find out what's going on.

Happily, the developer confirmed that work is on track for completion by April this year. For the last couple of months, the work has been internal - fitting-out the rooms and public spaces and installing the lifts. They have also been working with the team behind the gallery, to try and accommodate their plans and ensure

Work will move back outside next month, when the copper cladding arrives and the builders get ready to install the windows and, finally, take down the scaffolding.

The developers have offered to give us advanced warning about any traffic disruption this work may cause.

During the call, they also reconfirmed that the Gallery will be home to a new cafe (open 7am - 11pm), when it opens.