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Moonbow Jakes live and free in January

22nd Tuesday - Orchard Hill - live gig

24th Thursday - Meet the Artist: Photographer Phil Green

28th Monday - Bring Your Favourite Poem for Open Mic

29th Tuesday - Cuban Jazz Orchestra

The Shop on the Hill planning live sessions

Nicola, the manager of TSOTH, has plans to use her place as a centre for people to try a range of alternative therapies, by local practicioners.
While you're in browsing for wholefoods, you will be able to try the wares of nutritionists, herbalists, reiki teachers, homeopaths and osteopaths. The first open day is planned for mid-March, with more details to be announced.

Live Art at the... ?

The Brockley Central readers' favourite two suggestions for the name of the new local art gallery ("The Tea Factory" and "The Tea Gallery") have gone forward to the steering committee for consideration. They will be joined by "Tragic Roundabout Arts", "Tea Leaf Arts", "ExpoSE4" and "SE4Art", which to Brockley Central's inner ear, sounds like SE Fart.
A community waits...


T Lee said...

I so do not!

Anonymous said...

Worth noting that there is a club / venue in Shoreditch called TEA, and I think it's sometimes referred to as the Tea Factory, so the steering committee might want to steer clear of that name, as it would cause some confusion.

fabhat said...

The place in Shoreditch is called the Tea Building - and about 10 times the size of our brockley one, but hopefully it won't cause confusion...

Amanda said...

I really hope it is a name with Brockley in the title. 'The Tea Factory' is the name of the building, it's written on the side if I recall correctly, so the association with Tea won't be lost, whatever the gallery is called.
This gallery could become Brockley's calling card, something to put the place on the cultural map.

Ed said...

@Amanda. I agree;, it should be a 'Brockley' gallery with a Tea Factory address.

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