Brockley planning

Cllr Dean Walton's blog has a great update from the recent planning committee meeting, summarising the decisions relevant to Brockley.

In particular, he reports on two issues that have been covered on this site - a new residential development on Geoffrey Road, that has been criticised by some local residents. He writes:

"Permission granted for the houses on the site of the garages adjacent to 72 (I think). The scheme is daring, has no car parking (but removal of the dropped kerb effectively brings a single space back to use), green roofs, a Green Travel plan for new residents and, following my suggestion, a committment to assist in the establishment of a car club for the area."

Local residents recently launched a Lewisham-wide campaign to halt the disappearance of local pubs but, as Dean reports, it has come too late for The Tiger's Head on Bromley Road. His article illustrates how difficult it is to save pubs, given the conflicting pressures facing the planning system, but it also suggests that the campaign may be successful in future:

"I support Lewisham's emerging policy against allowing pubs to be changed into residential use - but it was made very very clear that this policy is still at an early stage and there were no grounds on which the policy could be applied [to The Tiger's Head]."