The Brockley Society (Updated)

We are hoping to write a feature about BrocSoc, but, before we do, we'd be interested to know whether any of Brockley Central's readers are members or have been involved with them in the past.

Please post below or email us at the usual address. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

my husband attended a meeting several years ago when he was considering getting involved. He found it a little cliquey - but that was one meeting many years ago. Their main concern - at the meeting - seemed to be planning and architecture - in particular preventing more flats in the area and dormer windows. A little ironic I felt at the time considering the whopping great conservatory that is attached to the side of the house of one particular family who were members then.

What they do well I think is the summer fair.

My, not particularly forensic opinion, is that they need a new injection of enthusiasm and blood - which made me in the past consider getting involved. Unfortunately my circumstances make it difficult.

Anonymous said...

I was site director for the excavation at the back of St Peter's as part of the nationwide Big Dig a few years back, which was organised by the Broc Soc.
We were searching for evidence of the Premonstratensian Abbey which according to maps was located in that vicinity.

Anonymous said...

Does BrocSoc organise the Hilly Fields summer fair? If so, kudos to them because it is a fantastic event.

Anonymous said...

They drop off a bunch of their booklet things at my place every quarter or whatever it is to be delivered as the woman who lived in my place before me used to deliver them.

I have continued to deliver them, called them and told them my name, but they still deliver them with the woman's name on the pack!

Anyway, all power to them for trying to protect the conservation areas architecture and merits. If it weren't for them we'd probably have nasty little Barratt homes packed along the mews between the streets and great big extensions all over the place.

I do agree that there seems to be some selctive approval of buildings in the conservation area. Wandering around the Open Studios event last year I noticed that 1 house in particular had somehow managed to gain planning permission for a massive great studio at the end of the garden, and at another house I heard someone moaning that they couldn't build a similar block over half their garden. Also noticed some great glassy extension thingy stuck on the side of a house on, I think Tyrrwhit, up near Hilly Fields.

Anyway, back to the Broc Soc, I think BM is right that they need new blood - I noticed that in their little booklet a while back that they had considered closing the Broc Soc and rolling it into the Brockley Cross Group...

Anonymous said...

I went to a local BrocSoc history talk last year. Very informative but only about seven people there...

Shoot me now, but I reckon an injection of fresh blood might help with the image...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't even aware they had regular meetings... I know they have an AGM every year.

Anonymous said...

I need to add to my earlier comments because I don't think I have given them enough credit for their achievements - which have been considerable.

the conservation area has been preserved as an architecturally beautiful area largely because of broc soc. They should be wholeheartedly applauded for that. They have also worked to maintain and extend the boundaries of the conservation area to ensure that the cemetry and some smaller terraced streets that the council wanted removed from conservation area are protected.

the summer fair is amazing. They used to organise a Xmas fair which was good and had a most beautiful front garden week or award or some such thing (which has died a death).

They have been an outstanding force and whoever they are, they should be congratulated. (conservatory nothwithstanding)

Amanda said...

I wonder whether it's too late for The Brockley Society (or whomever else) to organise something for Easter. Along the lines of the Christmas Fayre, a parade or something, with all the shops on Coulgate street involved.

Anonymous said...

Broc Soc has been around for a very long time. All who lives within the conservation area are , by virtue of their address, a member of the Broc Soc. Brockley mutha is quite right that the whole of the area would have been demolished in the sixties and early seventies if it had not been for the early active members of the Broc Soc.

Gill Hayward, a very active founder member, has not always made herself popular with her devoted attention to planning applications and the effects of developers on Brockley, but her recent MBE is in recognition of the work she has voluntarily put in over 30+ years. Brockley Nick you should look into the central role that she played in getting the Rivoli listed. Her knowledge and opinions are greatly respected by organisations such as English Heritage.

Unlike more recent Brockley organisations, Broc Soc does not receive grants or public money in order to carry out its plans. Broc Soc's main source of income has always been the Summer Fair on Hilly Fields. An event entirely organised by an enthusiatic band of local residents although fresh faces are definitely needed in the organising group. The surplus from the fair goes towards the Newsletter, which has been circulated for over 25 years. Christmas treats for local children and other events.

What the area needs is ethusiastic residents prepared to give up a little of their time for their chosen community and organisations that work together. Organisations criticising each other is a waste of time. Let's just get on with looking after Brockley and supporting each other.

T1 said...

I was reading the latest edition of se4 last night and if my memory serves me right there's a BrocSoc open meeting on Tuesday 18 March at the Rivoli Ballrooms.

I checked their website this morning to see whether my late-night recollections were accurate only to find this depressing piece of news on their events page:

"The next BrocSoc public meeting will be the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 12th December 2005 ..."

Update your site guys!

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