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The Brockley Central Interview
Angela Burgess, Publisher, SE4 Magazine

When we first looked at a place in Brockley, we were given a copy of SE4U magazine by the guy who was selling. It was a smart move.

“Ooh, this place has its own magazine,” we thought. “It must be nice. You don’t get that in Charlton.”

So we ignored the dodgy carpet and strange smell and took the plunge, little dreaming that we would one day be writing articles for it.

Last year, SE4U magazine got a new owner, when Angela Burgess added it to her stable of magazines, which also covers SE21 and SE22. So we decided to interview her about her plans:

“The couple who ran it before simply became too busy to keep it going,” she explains. “The magazine needed someone who could dedicate more time to it. With my background in publishing, I thought I could take it on.”

“One of the main reasons I was so excited by the idea of running a magazine for Brockley is that it is an area in transition, with plenty going on. In that respect, it reminds me of East Dulwich a few years ago, although the areas are very different in other ways.’

“I didn’t want to make too many changes to the magazine, although I did drop the U – as of the January issue, it’s just called SE4 Magazine. I’ve also doubled the circulation and it will now reach 5,000 homes.

“I plan to put the magazine online in the near future, alongside the other two magazines. I am also planning a magazine for Sydenham, so ultimately, the website will cover a large chunk of South East London.”

Although she now lives in Dulwich, it was Brockley that first welcomed her to London when she moved down from Manchester in 1987, if only for the first five days. When we met her, she was busy getting to know Brockley better:

“The most important thing I want to do is to integrate the magazine more with local life. For example, I plan to get involved with this year’s Telegraph Hill Festival; I want to encourage people with local events to contact me to include in the listings section and of course, I asked Brockley Central to write a column for SE4.

“I’m learning more about Brockley every day and I’d be interested in speaking to other people who have ideas for columns or to local businesses interested in running competitions.

“SE4 Magazine only works if people read and enjoy it, so the more feedback the better. There’s nothing I like more than seeing someone read a copy.”

If you have any comments or suggestions for SE4 Magazine, email Angela at:


Anonymous said...

Where would one get this magazine please? Is it delivered door to door?

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, sorry, shouldn't have assumed that everyone knows what it is. It's delivered free to the majority of homes in SE4. As she says in the interview, the circulation is doubling, so if you live in SE4 and haven't received it in the past, that may change. You can also pick up a copy in places like Jam Circus.

Anonymous said...

I'd love a copy I'm on Howson Road (just round the corner from Jam Circus)

Anonymous said...

I've had it (I live on Manor Ave). Pretty good but a lot of adverts in it, then I suppose it needs to pay its own publishing costs.

Anonymous said...

We don't get it in our part of SE4 but then we are in flats and don't get much. I asked at Crofton Park Library and they said they get a lot of demand for it and all copies go quick - they were going to ask for more next time!

Bea said...

SE4 failed to land on my door mat when I was living on Adelaide Avenue (the Ladywell end but still with an SE4 post code), however, I regularly received it when living on Breakspears Road and where I am now.

It's a great little magazine and the ads are invariably useful (including the likes "Rosie the plumber" whom I intend contacting one day when I eventually get round to having my bathroom sorted out).

SE4 and the Brockley Conservation newsletters are the two items that I keep an eye out for. The rest (including the glossy ones about Greenwhich usually go in the bin).

Anonymous said...

Circulation used to alternate each month between different parts of Brockley..i.e. you'd only receive it every other month through the door.

This always seemed a bit odd and hopefully this has been changed with the increased circulation.
A great little mag and the ads were genuinely useful.

Anonymous said...

Its only quaterly isnt it? Shame they dont do it monthly but i guess there is not that much to report in the area.

Its a great little read though and i love seeing it on my doorstep.

Sorry to switch the threads topic but does anyone know if the BMAX festival is happening this year? The main Saturdays music, booze and fireworks on Hilly Fields was one of the highlights of my Summer last year.

Anonymous said...

Angela has said she will stop the alternate distributions, i.e. yes every house will be receiving a copy each month, which is good news.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if they distribute in the Crofton Park area of SE4? We never get one, which could be because we are in flats.

Ineffably Sublime said...

They've got copies left in cafe neu (or did have last Saturday)

Anonymous said...

Although very near by, we're in SE14 on Barriedale, so I guess we wouldn't be able to get hold of it?

Where else could we get hold of one? I want to use local services as much as poss so this might be a good way of finding them.

Also, anyone know of any good butchers/ fishmongers in the area?

Anonymous said...

There's a very good fishmonger in Nunhead:

F.C Soper, Nunhead Lane, London, SE15

Anonymous said...

yes FC Soper in nunhead is excellent.

Anonymous said...

SE4 magazine

Hot gossip hasjust received a copy of the Se4 magazine and thinks its good to see that it has improved its layout a bit. However it looks like they did the first few pages then ran out of steam.

SE4 magazine is now referring to itself "the independent magazine for Brockley and Crofton Park.

However it lacks local input and opinion, such as Nick's column which was often the only stand out writing in the whole thing.

The advertised local events are done in a cut and paste manner and lack a personal (editorial) touch, you read about them and think good I'm not missing out on anything as it doesn't sound appetising.

But it is better than nowt. It was good to see that the Telegraph Hill people have got their act together and have advertised their farmer's market. "Every second Saturday, on Erlanger Road" til - the start time not mentioned. Whereas Brockley's market runs from 10-2pm and is located in some place called "Hill Fields"...

Anonymous said...

The section on personal training is a welcome and different touch.

Just no mung-recipies please...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if SE$ magazine is still going?

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should have been SE4 magazine!

Brockley Nick said...

No it isn't. Was wound up a couple of years ago.

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