Brockley braced for PR industry invasion

Yesterday, Kate sent us the new tube map, which features Brockley for the first time, albeit in dotted-line form. She suggested it as a piece for Brockley Bites, but this is a story of profound significance, which could change the social fabric of Brockley forever.

Brockley Central works in an office predominantly filled with 20-somethings who've recently moved to London. The first thing they do when they move to London is visit their friends in Clapham and decide that this is the only place in London worth living. They then spend the next five years looking for the nearest place to Clapham, moaning incessantly to Brockley Central about how expensive everything is, how they will never be able to afford the first rung on the London property ladder and how they will have to go back to live in Nottingham (etc) if they ever want more than a shoe box. What they actually mean is that they will never be able to afford to live in Clapham.

When we ask if they would ever consider South East London, they stare blankly for a moment, refer to their tube maps, then ask if there's much in North Greenwich? The new tube map changes all of that. The PR industry will stagger, blinking, in to the light of South East London and the more inquisitive ones will discover that an ELL extension to Clapham Junction is on the cards. At that moment, their decision will be made for them, a new wave of twenty-somethings will be upon us, for better or worse. Hugh should have plenty to look at on a Sunday morning in future.